• Children – Heart Surgery

    The Trust has been providing Medical help to differently abled totally 29 persons, seven persons are given Varma

    Treatment and 22 persons are given various treatments viz., physiotherapy, Neurotherapy, siddha and spinal injury

    treatments and this Trust has extended its help to hearing impaired also by providing hearing aid machines.


    The trust facilitates medical treatment for persons with various Disabilities viz. Infantile Hemiparalyzes Mesides, Conginitel Talipes Equnio Varos (CTEV), Hemiplegic, Hemiparalyses Leftside affect, Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal injury, Quadriplegia, Argomegally. The treatment is provided by Dr.Velvizhi of Shri Varma Gurukulam, Kodambakkam.

    Apart from this, the trust provided monetary help to various patients with disabilities like spinal injury (for a three year old child), paralysis, for their physiotherapy and other treatment. Also, the trust has a physiotherapist who treats the inmates who are disabled.