• Kalamin Kaladi Suvatil

    The Chairman of the Trust Mr.R.Larencce, well known director, actor, choreographer of the south film industry is a renowned person who has committed himself towards social welfare activities for the upliftment of socially, economically and physically challenged persons below poverty line and he has been relentlessly working by way of providing various help for achieving the objectives of the Trust.

    The trust hasn’t stopped with just school admission but works on the holistic development of these children. The residential school program will transform every child into a socially responsible citizen, educating on their rights and development in each child a sense of dignity, integrity and self confidence to take on the world.

    Kalam inspiration:

    Raghava Larencce has done something as his due to achieve the vision of the departed leader. As Kalam’s dream was to make India a superpower within 2020, the ‘Kanchana’ director who is already popular for his philanthropic activities has been running Larencce Charitable Trust since 2006 and has been helping the destitute with the funds donated to the trust. Now his fans have started a new trust and named it as ‘Kalamin Kaaladichuvattil’ (In the footprints of Kalam) to help the nation to become a superpower.

    Larencce, who is a man of action has immediately donated Rs.1 crore from his earnings to the trust started by his fans in the name of the most loved leader of India.

    Goal of this project

    Larencce given ‘1 crore to Wason Charitable trust. 1 crore each to 100 volunteers who are assigned to a million. 100 people in the education, medical, environmental improvement to help as many people in service jobs, qualified beneficiaries would recommend finding volunteers. Shatter Larencce and after approval of the Board, in order to maintain the subsidy directly to the beneficiaries will be paid according to their needs.

    Do Something:

    Raghava Larencce donated the advance received for his next project Naga – a sizeable Rs 1 crore – back to his fans. “All of you know where I have come from and how much I been through to reach this level. A while ago, when Kanchana released, I was thinking long and hard about where all this money was coming from and I realised that it wasn’t from the pockets of the producer. It was from the folds of every poor woman’s sari when she gathers note after note to pay for a black ticket to watch my film, so that her son stops crying. The audience is my master and they are the reason that I have gone from a Yamaha bike to driving an Audi car. So I wanted to give something back.”

    Kalamin Kaladi suvatil – 1 Crore Donation

    Kalamin Kaladi suvatil – 100 Members