• Livelihood Support to Differently Abled

    The Trust provided livelihood support to various differently abled individuals across remote villages in Tamil Nadu

    by providing grants for small scale business.

    VEERALAKSHMI Age 21 from Sivagiri Tiruvannamalai
    Father was a coolie worker in the nearby forest areas. Mother was also a wage earner. Veeralakshmi
    lives in a hut for rent in Sivagiri. Both has legs were disabled and she crawled. Larencce Charitable Trust identified the
    entrepreneur in her. The Trust set up a petty shop and bought the necessary sales itesm for veeralakshmi.

    Today veeralakshmi runs. “Larencce petty shop” and is self sufficient is her life. Her aged parents are also relieved to see their daughter at work